Wheels: The Car in Canada by Desmond Morton

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Wheels: The Car in Canada by Desmond Morton

oblong 4to. pp. 96.numerous black & white illustrations. index. boards. Toronto: Umbrella Press, [1998].


ISBN-10: 1895642035 / ISBN-13: 9781895642032

Throughout the twentieth century, the automobile has shaped Canada's towns, cities, and countryside. The car has affected the way Canadians live from tourism and recreation to industry and trade. It has enabled many Canadians to live in the suburbs ad to escape urban life by visiting cottage country. It has produced vast industries - car and auto parts manufacturing petroleum production and distribution, steel, plastic, rubber, glass and the insurance industries. Finding space for highways, roads and parking lots has created competition for land. The environment has been affected by the car from exhaust emissions to the ultimate disposal at a junkyard. This is the fascinating story of the car in Canada through the decades of the twentieth century.