The Mezzotint: History And Technique By Carol Wax

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The Mezzotint: History And Technique
By Carol Wax

 4to. pp. 296. over 300 illus. (27 colour). biblio. index. wrs. New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc., [1996].


ISBN-13: 9780810926493


Since the introduction of the first mezzotint print in 1642, the medium has continued to grow and change. Author Carol Wax traces mezzotint through its heyday in the eighteenth century as a means of disseminating inexpensive copies of paintings or themes, its decline in the nineteenth in the face of competition from new printmaking processes, and its triumphant resurgence in the twentieth as an exciting creative process. She also clearly outlines the procedures for preparing and rocking a mezzotint plate; scraping and burnishing images, details, and highlights; making corrections; incorporating other graphic processes for special effect; and much more. Throughout, carefully chosen illustrations superbly illuminate the tonal subtleties of mezzotint.