The Gothic Revival by Chris Brooks

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The Gothic Revival by Chris Brooks

8vo. pp. 448. profusely illustrated. maps. bibliography. index. paperback. [London]: Phaidon, [1999].


from the Phaidon Art & Ideas series.

ISBN-10: 0714834807 / ISBN-13: 9780714834801


At the height of the Victorian period, a passion for the Gothic style swept England and spread far beyond. Gothic architecture, associated with the social and cultural ideals of the Middle Ages, was seen as a means of remaking the modern world. In this lucid exposition, Chris Brooks unravels the layers of meaning that Gothic held for its many reinventors, from the political uses of Gothic history in the seventeenth century to Barry and Pugin's Houses of Parliament in the mid-nineteenth. Yet the Gothic revival is not just manifest in buildings continually recreated; it has taken the form of poetry and fiction, of painting and sculpture, of movies and video games, of Gothic music and Gothic punk. This is the first book to deal comprehensively with the whole scope of the Gothic Revival.