The Architecture of Jujol by Josep Maria Jujol, Jr.

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The Architecture of Jujol by Josep Maria Jujol, Jr.
Introduction by Ronald Christ

8vo. pp. 233. black & white illustrations. bibliography. index. paperback wrs. [Santa Fe: SITES / Lumen Books, 1996].

First edition of the English translation. Translation by Ronald Christ.


ISBN-10: 0930829387 / ISBN-13: 978093829384

The Architecture of Jujol is a project-by-project, building-by-building account of Josep Maria Jujol's life and career as formulated within a biographical sketch by his son, Josep Maria Jujol, Jr. The book draws on many first-hand reports, interviews, and contemporary writings (including some by Jujol himself) as well as information available only to the author as a member of the architect's intimate family and the person in charge of the private Jujol Archive. From the moment of its original publication in Spanish by the Barcelona College of Architects, this book has been recognized as the foundation stone in all studies and appreciations of Jujol's work, and in fact no subsequent publication has appeared on Jujol that is not directly in its debt.