The Andy Warhol Museum

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The Andy Warhol Museum
essays by Callie Angell, Avid Berman, Arthur C. Danto, Mark Francis, Richard Hellinger, Bennard B. Perlman & Gelen Searing
Compact Disc by Steve Rowland

4to. pp. 208. profusely illustrated. includes a CD on the front cover. boards. Pittsburgh: The Andy Warhol Museum & Distributed Art Publishers, [1994].


ISBN-10: 0880380263 / 1881616347


This inaugural publication from the first museum devoted entirely to the work of a postwar American artist will be of interest to students of Warhol for the ephemera it documents. The maquettes of now-famous Warhol images and the previously unseen artifacts give further insight into the character of the artist and the breadth of his interests. However, in light of such archival publications as MOMA's Andy Warhol: A Retrospective (LJ 5/15/89) and The Warhol Diaries (Warner, 1989) and the fact that he is one of the most written-about artists of the century, this is a tertiary work. Most of the essays contained herein focus on the museum itself-its conception, financing, architecture, and significance as well as its contents. Though stolid, these glimpses into the machinations of a museum make this a requisite for academic libraries supporting curatorial and museum studies courses. Otherwise, this is essential only for comprehensive Warhol collections. (Included is a spoken-word CD that, while fascinating, may present logistical headaches.)-Douglas McClemont, New York