Tailfeathers: Indian Artists by Hugh A. Dempsey

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Tailfeathers: Indian Artists by Hugh A. Dempsey

4to. pp. 25. colour & b/w illustrations. paperback (very good - previous owner's name on cover, covers bit scuffed/stained). Calgary: Glenbow-Alberta Institute, 1970.

Art Series No. 2.


He had always wanted to be an artist, ever since he could first remember. Perhaps it was because of his uncle, Two Gun, a self taught artist who frequently visited them, or maybe he was influenced by his older brother Harvey, who was always drawing pictures. Perhaps, too, he had inherited some of the artistic sensitivity of ancestors who had created beautiful designs on clothing, shields, tepees and utensils. Gerald Tailfeathers was born in the Indian hospital near Standoff, Alberta, on either February 13th or 14th, 1925. Until he was ten, his family told him his birthday was the 14th, but then a change was made in the Indian Agency records and it has been celebrated on the 13th ever since. Tailfeathers is a Blood Indian, a part of the great Blackfoot-speaking nation which were famous as warriors and buffalo hunters