Revolucion!: Cuban Poster Art by Lincoln Cushing

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Revolucion!: Cuban Poster Art by Lincoln Cushing

8vo. pp. 131. profusely illustrated. bibliography. index. paperback (fine condition). San Francisco: Chronicle Books, [2003].

ISBN-10: 0811835820 / ISBN-13: 9780811835824


The poster was the popular art form in Cuba following the Cuban Revolution, when the government sponsored some 10,000 public posters on a fascinating range of cultural, social, and political themes. Revolucin!, produced with unprecedented access to Cuban national archives, assembles nearly 150 of these powerful but little-seen works of popular art. From the 1960s through the 1980s, the posters rallied the Cuban people to the huge task of building a new society, promoting massive sugar harvests and national literacy campaigns; opposing the U.S. war in Vietnam; celebrating films, music, dance, and baseball with a unique graphic wit and exuberant colorful style. With an introduction illuminating the rich social and artistic history of the posters, and rare biographical information on the artists themselves, this striking volume offers a window into the story of Cuba-and a truly revolutionary chapter in graphic design.