Race, Racism and Reparations by J. Angelo Corlett

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Race, Racism and Reparations by J. Angelo Corlett

8vo. pp. xi, 252. bibliography. index. wrs. Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, [2003].


ISBN-10: 0801488893 / ISBN-13: 9780801488894


If affirmative action and other ethnicity-based social programs are justified, then J. Angelo Corlett believes it is important to come to an adequate understanding of the nature of ethnicity in general and ethnic group membership in particular. In Race, Racism, and Reparations, Corlett reconceptualizes traditional ideas of race in terms of ethnicity. As he makes clear, the answers to the questions "What is a Native American?" or "What is a Latino?" have important implications for public policy, especially for those programs designed to address historic injustices and economic and social imbalances among different groups in our society.