Ornament in the Small Garden by Roy Strong

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Ornament in the Small Garden by Roy Strong

square 8vo. pp. 143. profusely illustrated. index. hardcover boards. dw. [Willowdale, Ont.]: Firefly Books, [2002].


ISBN-10: 1552975614 / ISBN-13: 9781552975619

Whether practical or purely decorative, ornament is the most immediate way of bringing distinctive character to a small garden, and the very stylish Roy Strong is the ideal guide to the world of garden ornament. In this inspiring book, he shows how to consider size and scale, materials, shape, color and texture, and, crucially, he offers invaluable advice on placing ornament in the garden to best effect.

Ornament can provide an accent, create a surprise, enhance or disguise an existing feature, alter a perspective, evoke or complement a mood or feeling. It transforms the mundane and ordinary into something different and special, and makes a statement that reflects the gardener's taste and personality. Choosing from the huge range of available ornament, however, or creating your own individual piece, can seem daunting.

Superbly illustrated and including in-depth studies of 12 small gardens where ornament is used with particular success, and often with daring originality, Ornament in the Small Garden breaks free from convention and demonstrates the inspirational decorative possibilities.