(ONTARIO). (PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY). Antique Map of Hallowell Township 1878

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H. Belden & Co. 1878 Antique Map of Hallowell Township [Prince Edward County, Southern Ontario]


15 x 25 inches (38 x 63.5 cm)

sheet measures: 17 1/2" x 27 1/2"

original antique map (some soiling and staining, couple short tears to bottom of margins, crease to lower right corner, small surface abrasion to lower margin).

from the Historical Atlas of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, Toronto: H. Belden & Co, 1878.

Some Landmarks include: Lake Ontario, Little Sand Bay, West Lake, Sugar Islands, Winns Island, Hickory Island, Gasket Island, Mink Island, Dry Island, Wellington, Wellington Sand Hills, West Point, Chisholm, Bloomfield, Picton, Picton Harbour, Conger's Cove, Hallowell Mills, Picton Bay, Bay of Quinte, Foxboro, Glenwood Cemetery, carriage factory, churches, graveyards. schools, cheese factories, an old salt well, & a hotel.

Some landowners include: Rev. William Macaulay Estate, J. Murray, D. McDougall, R. Johnson, J. Rattan, G. Laird, J, Mulligan, W.F. Vance, E.A. Vance, W. Owens, G. Williams, E.B. Smith, W.H. Kingsley, Walter Ross, J. Mulholland, William McQuinn, Miss Washburn, W.H. Johnson, R.R. Williamson, O. Dingmann, Robert Clapp, R.T. Williamson, T. Williamson, N.B & W.M. Conger, W.H. Burdick, H.A. Warren, G. Yerex, R.D. White, J.F. Dougall, J. Spencer, C. Spencer, J. Johnson, D.S. Leavitt, Jno. Lovell, C.S. Wilson, E.G. Werden, J. & W. Dunbar, G. Christy, J.C. Terwilligar, E.B. Hazard, L. Bowerman, R.R. Burlingham, R.K. & F.W. Morden, L.T. Leavens, David Clark, J. Branscombe, I.A. Clark, J.H. Clark, I. Wilson, S. Kelley, S. Yarwood, T. Waring, H.A. & J.B. Holt, W. Southard, Mrs. Bedell, E.W. Talcott, S. Barker, H.B. McDonald, J.W. Talcott, A. Derbyshire, D.S. White, W. Larkins, D. Hubbs, W. Hubbs, J. Lowder, D. Jackson, Miss E. Pettet, N. Harris, A. Hicks, Jacob Hicks, W.H. McDonald, C.E. Platt, D. Pettit, D.H. Pettit, Richard McDonald, J.M. Hyatt, D. Mastin, D. Clapp, W. & J. Garett, F. McDonald, S. Cummingham, G. McDonald, A.C. Bowerman, H. MacFaul, J.B. Dorland, John Barber, P. Ainsowrth, E. Pearsall, J.A. Christy, J.V. Chisholm, S. Morris, Greer McDonald, A. Blakely, Susan Dorland, Corey Cronk, L.B. Stinson, S. Leavens Estate, W. Branscombe and more.

Go back in time and trace the history of the Ontario & it's ancestors and maybe even your own!

 own a piece of Ontario Local History & Genealogy

This map shows the present day Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County as well as early settlers to Prince Edward County such as the Barker's, Washburn's, McDonald's & Mastin's.

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