(ONTARIO). (NORTHUMBERLAND & DURHAM COUNTY). Antique Map of South Monaghan Township & North Part of Bowmanville 1878

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1878 Antique Map of South Monaghan Township & North Part of Bowmanville [Durham / Peterborough County, Central-Eastern Ontario]

16" x 12 1/2" (40.2 x 31.8 cm)

Sheet measures: 17 1/2" x 14 1/2"

original antique map (short tear to lower margin, small loss of surface to left margin, some faint spotting & staining).

from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Northumberland and Durham, Ontario, Toronto: H. Belden & Co., 1878.

Landmarks include: Bowmanville, Rice Lake, Long Island, Cow Island, Baillieboro, Rosehill, South Monaghan, Centervillle, Fraserville, Bensford, Ontonabee River, temperance hall, cheese factory, post offices, churches & schools.

Landowners include: Jonathan Stephens, William Hambly, James McDougall, R.T. Raynes, Edward Bellman, George Cowle, R. Philip, E. Bellman, T.B. Clarke, C.M. Cawker, R. Jennings, John Foster, Alexander Stewart, John McClellan, J.W. Hall Hamilton T.P., Richard Dawson, Henry Barnett, P. Dawson James Barnard, Estate James Dawson, William Dawson, Thomas Graham, Rich Nurse, Alfred Harris, Joseph Fisher, James Perrin, Dr. Robert Wood, Samuel Perrin, J.W. Hall, Josiah Perrin, Jno. Barnhard, William Nurse, Alfred Dawson, William Dawson, Wesley Thompson, Nichol Dawson, Jno Greer, William Parker, Jos. Byers, Jno. Byers, W. Kerr, Alex Anderson, Robert Waddle, Jno. Rutherford, Jos. Dawson, Jas. Perrin Jr. Dav. Morrison, Alex Galloway, William Woods Sr., George Wood, Thomas Wood, William Emberson, Jas. Pinmont, Jno. Whittington, William Perrin, Robert Laing, H. Crossby, Jno. Hall, Jno. Rutherford, Thos. Bradshaw, Mrs. William Smithson, William Waterman, Richard Smithson, Ed. Kerr, J.A. Turnbull, T. Dodds, William R. Morrison, Thomas Armstrong, William Rutherford, Thomas Eakin, J. Rutherford, Jno. Kerr, J.D. Armour, G. Morrison,  Estate of Rev. M. Burnham, William Smithson, William Huggins, Thomas Powers, William McAllister, Jno & Robert Riddle, Robert McClelland, Jno. Thorn, Jno. Buckham, William Buckham, Dennis Corkery, Jno. Campbell, Jno. Donaldson, David Baxter, William Greer, Jas. Goodfellow, George Goodfellow, William Goodfellow. Jas. Latimore and others.

 own a piece of Ontario Local History & Genealogy

Go back in time and trace the history of the Ontario & it's ancestors and maybe even your own!

Many early families appear on this map such as the Dawson's, Perrin's, Barnhard's, Rutherford's, Goodfellow's, Wood's and others. A Temperance Hall located on J.A. Hall is located on J.A. Turnbull's property and a cheese factory is located just south of Centerville.

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