(ONTARIO). (NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY). Antique Map of Seymour Township 1878

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Antique Map of Seymour Township 1878 [Northumberland County, Southern Ontario]

25" x 16 1/4" (63.3 x 41.2 cm).

antique map (minor soiling).

from the Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Northumberland and Durham, Ontario, Toronto: H. Belden & Co., 1878.

Towns and Post Offices include: Trent Bridge, Tilton, Meyersburg, Campbellford, Menie and Burnbrae.

Landmarks include: Trent River, Hickory Island, Jett’s Island, Pott’s Island, Crowe Bay, Mud Lake, McCann’s Island, Nappan Island, Hardy’s Island, Graves Island, Wilson’s Island, Meyers Island, Chards Bay & Chards Rapids, Crowe River, Healy Falls a proposed Grand Junction Railway Line, Squires creek, Rannie Falls, orange halls (Loyal Orange Lodge), mills, brick yards, cheese factories, post offices, Canada Landed Credit Company, and various schools and churches.

* The village of Campbellford is shown after having been incorporated as a separate municipality in 1876. Named after European settlers and brothers Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Campbell and Major Robert Campbell.

Landowners and Estates include: Charles Seymour, Vernon Hoard, Albert Hoard, Samuel Diamond, John Martin, James M. Ferris, A.H. Meyers, William Ogilvie, James Free, Alexander Seymour, James Diamond, Edward Cassan, Thomas Allen, Joseph Stollery, James Sloggett, Thomas Haig, William Melville, Emmanuel Stephens, Henry Bonnycastle, Robert Stillman, Thomas Hall, William Wilson, Alexander Denmark, John Connolly, Donald Thompson, Frederick Macoun, William & James Watson, Larry Finn, James White, William Dunk, Frederick Stevens, Lewis Little, Thomas Watson, Thomas Rutherford, Hugh Smith, William Milne, James Massey, Rev. David Beatie, Duncan Clark, John O’Donahue, William Campbell, Cornelius O’Sulilivan, John Johnston, Hugh McArthur, Charles O’Connor, Robert Armstrong, Hugh Ross, Henry Hammond, Alexander Rannie, William Rowe, Duncan Thompson, Henry Dunham, Caleb Barnum, Adam Dinwoodie, John Massie and others.


Go back in time and trace the history of the Ontario & it's ancestors and maybe even your own!

 own a piece of Ontario Local History & Genealogy

The deep history of landowners found on this map can help those interested in genealogy and local history. It is interesting to note the amount of cheese factories in the area and Orange Halls. 

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