Nova Scotia Drink-O-Pedia by Graham Pilsworth

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Nova Scotia Drink-O-Pedia by Graham Pilsworth

8vo. pp. iv, 236. b/w text illustrations. paperback wrs. [Halifax: Nimbus Publishing Company, 2008].


ISBN-10: 15510096528 / ISBN-13: 9781551096520


A "spirited" look at the history of drinking in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Drink-o-pedia is a collection of anecdotes, bits of trivia, and stories. From alcoholic drink staples like rum and beer to tea, coffee, and even water, Graham Pilsworth's fun history of Nova Scotia's drinking habits is jam-packed with interesting and little-known facts. The book discusses the role of women in rum-running, the development of Alexander Keith's business empire, and the importance of coffee in Nova Scotia culture. The book includes photos, advertisements, and artifacts, as well as original and humorous illustrations.

The sections are divided by "drink": rum, beer, whisky, wine, moonshine, tea, coffee, soda, and water.