New Found Lands Maps In The History Of Exploration by Peter Whitfield

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New Found Lands Maps In The History Of Exploration by Peter Whitfield

4to. pp. viii, 200. 150 illustrations, 100 in colour. index. hardcover boards. dw. (near fine). [London]: The British Library, [1998].

First Edition.

ISBN-10: 0712345574 / ISBN-13: 9780712345576


An exploration narrative can be a tale of adventure and endurance, a technical account of navigation and seamanship, or a political history of the overseas empires that were built up in the wake of the explorers.

New Found Lands, Peter Whitfield takes a different approach. By focusing on the maps that the explorers themselves used, Whitfield reveals how the both the explorers and their patrons understood their expanding world and their place in it, what they were seeking and how they thought they could achieve it, and how they integrated new knowledge into their evolving world view.

The maps in
New Found Lands present the geographical ideas of the time, making plain the power that came with increasing technical and geographical knowledge. They also serve as evocative and poignant reminders of the limited knowledge of these explorers. For up until very recent times, as these maps show, there have been areas of the world remaining to be explored and "new found lands" to discover.

This lavishly illustrated book progresses chronologically, starting with the explorers of the ancient world, covering the East, the New World, the Pacific, Australia and the Modern Era. It will enrich our understanding of the voyages of discovery undertaken over the past 2000 years and will delight any map or history lover. Also includes 150 colour and black and white maps.