Louise Lawler: An Arrangement of Pictures

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Louise Lawler: An Arrangement of Pictures

folio. pp. 134. profusely illustrated. boards. dw. New York: Assouline, 2000.

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ISBN-10: 2843232112 / ISBN-13: 9782843232114


A beautiful collection of the work of contemporary artist Louise Lawler, who, for the past twenty years, has photographed art as it is situated and displayed, whether in private homes, public buildings, or museums, galleries, and auction houses. From an exhibition of Degas's materpieces to an Andy Warhol installation, this book invites you to discover Lawler's unique vision of modern and contemporary art. Lawler is fascinated by what "happens" to the art object after it leaves the artist's studio - where it goes, how it's displayed, how it's valued, what it means. In a Lawler photograph taken in a private home, the furnishings and objects surrounding the art are given as much attention as the art; in a museum, the view out of a window next to the artwork; in an auction house, the label identifying the artwork. Her striking and provocative photographs show us how the environment that surrounds it affects our perception of art and how it in turn affects all aspects of that environment.