Lascaux: Movement, Space and Time by Norbert Aujoulat

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Lascaux: Movement, Space and Time by Norbert Aujoulat

folio. pp. 274. 226 colour illustrations. bibliography. hardcover. dw. (near fine - light wear to upper outer corners). [New York]: Harry N. Abrams, [2005].

ISBN-10: 0810959003 / ISBN-13: 9780810959002 


Discovered by chance by two boys in France in 1940, the cave of Lascaux-with its radiant wall paintings of bison, aurochs, horses, and deer-offers us the most astonishing view we have of the shadowy, powerful animal world of the Old Stone Age some 18,000 years ago. In the early 1960s, when it became clear that the paintings were beginning to fade as countless tourists flocked to see them, the cave was sealed, ancient atmospheric conditions were restored, and even scientists were allowed to enter the cave only a few hours each week. Today this prehistoric monument remains closed to the public.

Following 10 years of research on the Lascaux cave, the prehistorian and geologist Norbert Aujoulat offers us his stunning interpretation of the paintings. In this lavishly illustrated volume, packed with new photographs, maps, and explanatory diagrams of the paintings, he takes us on a journey from the entrance of the cave back to its deepest and most hidden parts. In the process, he provides us with new insight into these remarkable works, tracing the birth of ancient mythologies-and of art.