J.M. Frank by Francois Baudot

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Jean-Michel Frank by Francois Baudot

8vo. pp. 80. profusely illustrated. chronology. hardcover. dw. (fine condition). New York: Universe / Vendome, 1999.

from the Universe of Style series

ISBN 10: 0789303299 / ISBN 13: 9780789303295


Between 1932 and 1940, Jean-Michel Frank completely reinvented the vocabulary of decorative arts. Working in Paris, New York, and South America, Frank was inspired by neoclassicism and the abstraction of primitive arts, brining to the 1930s an original style whose elegance won him the approbation of a wealthy, elite clientele. His name has become a classic reference for collectors of nineteenth-century furniture. The decorative principles that he developed are the foundation of a minimalist style that is very much in vogue today and an inspiration to contemporary designers.