Itsuko Hasegawa Architectural Monographs 31

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Itsuko Hasegawa Architectural Monographs 31

4to. pp. 144. profusely illustrated. hardcover. dw. (fine condition). [London:] Academy Editions & [Berlin:] Ernst & Sohn, [1993].

ISBN-10: 1854902024 / ISBN-13: 9781854902023


In 1964 Hasegawa graduated from the Department of Architecture, Kanto Gakuin University, the strongest formalist school in Japan. Since then she has challenged the current tendency to analyze in a formalist way. Taki Koji's essay presents a new and convincing angle suggesting that Hasegawa's oeuvre should be viewed in social terms. Her projects, Koji claims, have the 'appearance of an aspect of society made comprehensible in the form of architecture'.

Hasegawa's work should not be viewed simply as stimulating design; her optimism is evident in her recognition of the potential for society's transformation. Through her dialogue-based programme, an empathetic approach to architecture is made possible.