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Human Anatomy for Artists by Andras Szunyogh & Geza Feher

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Human Anatomy for Artists
Drawings by Andras Szunyogh & Text by Geza Feher

folio. pp. 496. profusely illustrated. hardcover. dw. (fine condition). n.p: Konemann, [2008].

ISBN-10: 3833120452 / ISBN-13: 9783833120459


The proportions and movements of the human body are determined by the skeleton, joints and muscles. The anatomical make-up of the sensory organs gives the body its individual character. The study of human anatomy is essential if the artist is to achieve an effective portrayal of the subject. This book makes detailed observation possible, heightens our perceptions and fosters our understanding of the human form. With over 1200 detailed illustrations by the Hungarian Art Professor Andras Szunyoghy, "Human Anatomy for Artists" provides an insight into the body's structure and its movements. The illustrations are accompanied by specialist commentaries by Professor Gyorgy Feher.