Evolution: Five Decades of Printmaking by David C. Driskell

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Evolution: Five Decades of Printmaking by David C. Driskell by Adrienne L. Childs
with contributions from Ruth Fine, Deborah Willis and Julie L. McGee

8vo. pp. 128. illustrated. chronology. index. hardcover cloth. dw. San Francisco: Pomegranate, [2007].


Published in conjunction with an exhibition.

ISBN-10: 0764942042 / ISBN-13: 9780764924044


David Driskell approaches printmaking as an experiment, an improvisation. rather than hand his drawings over to master printers for translation into print runs in the hundreds or thousands, Driskell (b. 1931) loves going into the print studio and creating artist's prints one at a time-carving the blocks for woodcuts and linoleum cuts, drawing directly on lithographic stones and etching plates, then finding ways to vary the inking and printing process so that each print comes off the press a bit differently. Organized by the Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans, a treaveling exhibition of Driskell's prints will convey the range of his output, from seemingly simple black-and-white portraits to brilliantly colored figures, landscapes, still lifes, and abstract designs. Evolution, the catalog for that exhibition, includes essays by three scholars in the field of African American art and a comprehensive checklist of all prints produced to 2007.