Concrete Toronto: A Guidebook to Concrete Architecture from the Fifities to the Seventies

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Concrete Toronto: A Guidebook to Concrete Architecture from the Fifties to the Seventies
Editors Michael McClelland & Graeme Stewart

8vo. pp. 360. profusely illustrated in b/w. paperback wrs. [Toronto: Coach House Press & E.R.A. Architects, 2007].


ISBN-10: 1552451933 / ISBN-13: 9781552451939


Toronto is a concrete city. From international landmarks to civic buildings to cultural institutions to metropolitan infrastructure and the single-family home, reminders of the era of 'brutalist' architecture surround Torontonians. But for how long? As architectural fashion has shifted to the glass-and-steel neomodernism of today, these concrete structures have been increasingly ignored - and in some cases, demolished.

Concrete Toronto takes readers on a guided tour of Toronto's concrete architecture. Editors Michael McClelland and Graeme Stewart have assembled a diverse group of industry experts - architects, university faculty, local practitioners, city planners, historians and journalists - to examine the unique and important qualities and the past and future of Toronto's concrete buildings in interviews, articles, archival photos, drawings and case studies.

Appealing to both the average reader and the enthusiast, Concrete Toronto provides a refreshing look not only at the neglected buildings, but also at the trends that produced them and the impact and consequences that resulted from their construction.