Columns: Detail in Building by Johnathan Adams

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Columns: Detail in Building by Johnathan Adams

square 8vo. pp. 96. colour & b/w illustrations. bibliography. paperback. [West Sussex]: Academy Editions, [1998].


ISBN-10: 0471978078 / ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0471978077


The Detail in Building series provides a foundation of contemporary design data covering key elements of building design. Such essential elements are part of the vocabulary of contemporary architecture, and future titles in the series include Cable Net Structures, Wind Towers and Service Cores. Each building element is clearly analyzed, both historically and in terms of contemporary examples by key practices around the world. The combination of building context, design aesthetics and technical solution, as revealed in the case studies, is highly informative as well as unique in a field where specific quality in design detailed is often underexposed by the superficial presentation of design schemes.

The author compares columns built by the ancient Greeks with those characteristic of other recognized important cultures and periods of architecture up to the modern day. The comparisons are technically based: concerned with form and use of materials, structural purpose and execution.