Cities and Natural Process by Michael Hough

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Cities and Natural Process by Michael Hough

8vo. pp,. xiii, 5, 326. b/w illustrations. bibliography. index. paperback (near fine - corners bit worn). London: Routledge, [1995].

ISBN-10: 0415121981 / ISBN-13: 9780415121989


Cities and Natural Process is a book for all concerned with the future of our cities, their design and sustainability, and our quality of life within them. Michael Hough describes how economic and technological values have squeezed any real sense of nature out of the modern city, the ways in which this has led to a divisive separation of countryside and city, wasted much of the city's resources, and shaped an urban aesthetic which is sharply at odds with both natural and social processes. Against this is set an alternative history of ecological values informing proven approaches to urban design which work with nature in the city.