Canadian Jungle: The Later Work of Arthur Lismer by Dennis Reid

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Canadian Jungle: The Later Work of Arthur Lismer By Dennis Reid

oblong, 8vo. pp. 111. profusely illustrated in b/w, some colour. bibliography. wrs. Toronto: Musee Des Beaux-Arts De L'Ontario / Art Gallery of Ontario, [1985].


ISBN-10: 0919777171 / ISBN-13: 9780919777170

also available in French


No other Canadian artists are as well know and admired as the members of the Group of Seven. For this reason, it is somewhat of a paradox that until recently their later careers have been so neglected by art historians. collectors, and institutions alike.

The Group's tremendous success during early twenties in convincing Canadians that their wildemess-landscape-inspired art was the most appropriate form of Canadian visual expression has literally overshadowed their own subsequent work.

In 1982 Dennis Reid's Alberta Rhythm was the first in-depth study to deal with the post-Group-of-Seven production of its members, in particular, the later work of A.Y. Jackson. Canadian Jungle continues this important reassessment of the Group's later contributions to Canadian art, this time discussing the work of Arthur Lismer from a challenging new perspective.

Dennis Reid follows Lismer's career as an Important art teacher, and shows how, during the later years, the artist successfully synthesized his growing concerns in the formal, analytical aspects of art making with his fundamental commitment to the Canadian landscape. The results are shown in Canadian Jungle In a selection of highly expressive paintings that represent the crowning achievement of a life's work.