Building The Great Cathedrals by Francois Icher

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Building The Great Cathedrals by Francois Icher
Translated from the French by Anthony Zielonka

folio. pp. 200. approximately 220 illustrations, most in full colour. index. hardcover. dw. (fine condition). [New York]: Harry N. Abrams Inc., [1998].

ISBN-10: 0810940175 / ISBN-13: 9780810940178


This volume is a study of the people who commissioned, designed, and built the great cathedrals of Europe, from the eleventh through the sixteenth centuries. Historian Francois Icher has written a lively, detailed account of the process by which these masterpieces of world architecture came to be - from their commissioning by a bishop or wealthy patron, to the hiring of an architect and mastercraftsmen, to the daily labor on the construction site. Supplementing the author's highly readable narrative are many stories and anecdotes about particular cathedrals and their construction; an appendix of archival documents that furnish additional details about the construction process at various sites; and a bibliography.