Black Beauty: A History and Celebration by Ben Arogundade

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Black Beauty: A History and Celebration by Ben Arogundade

folio. pp. 174. profusely illustrated. wrs. [New York]: Thunder's Mouth Press, [2000].

First American Edition.


ISBN-10: 156025341X / ISBN-13: 9781560253419


From the days of the first African salves arriving in Europe, to the evolution of cosmetic products and hairstyles, to the celebrities past and present who have represented the diverse arrray of beauty styles, black beauty has been a cause without a portfolio, missing as a topic from the recordings of black experience.

Ben Arogundade has uniquely responded to this cause with an incisive, revealing, and challenging account of the black aesthetic within Western culture. Focusing on the most significant icons of film, television, music, sport, and fashion, from Billie Holiday to Denzel Washington, from Martin Luther King to Lauryn Hill, the text is accompanied by an anthology of diverse and compelling images, from early black Vogue covers, to the Black Panthers of the 1960s and their Afros, to the hip-hop divas, models, and performers of the new Millennium. Black Beauty is also a tribute to the inspirational legacy of individuals who have dazzled us, enchanted us, and brought hope and joy to people of all colors around the world.