1000 Extra Ordinary Objects by Isabelle Baraton & Carlos Mustienes

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1000 Extra Ordinary Objects by Isabelle Baraton & Carlos Mustienes

12mo. pp. 764. English & French text. profusely illustrated. paperback. Koln: Taschen, 2000.

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  • ISBN-10: 382285851X / ISBN-13: 9783822858516
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    Things, objects, stuff, trinkets, tools, materials, gadgets, the things we use, abuse, throw away, cherish, depend on: these are the things we own, simple objects for our everyday lives. They may or may not hold special meaning to us, but their importance as objects of cultural identity is unmistakable.

    Produced, under the direction of Olivieri Toscani, by the agency Colors (the same agency that produces Benetton's campaigns), Extra/Ordinary's subject matter may be already familiar to those who have seen recent features in the agency's magazine, Colors. Colors' motto, ""diversity is good"", translates perfectly into a book that celebrates the differences in our everyday objects. Continuing the theme introduced in Colors, this new book shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary. Jaunting off on a tour around the globe, you'll see that what is ordinary halfway across the world (or perhaps for your neighbors across the street) may be totally foreign to you.

    Discover the wonderful absurdity of a priest's portable mass-in-a-briefcase kit, or the stunning difference between fly-swatters from Zimbabwe and South Korea. Ogle at the juxtaposition of neoprene surfing shoes and bullfighting slippers; have a gander at a package of emu cutlets and a can of blowfish soup. In case you see something that you absolutely must have, check out the yellow pages section at the end of the book; here you can find out where to get it and even how much it costs, as well as lots of little tidbits of interesting information to make your journey complete.

    Maybe you've already come across some of these objects, or will seek them out on future voyages. Next time you pick up your toothbrush or comb your hair, you may think twice about the things that you use every day- perhaps they're not so ordinary after all.