Iain Baxter& Works 1958-2011 Edited by David Moos

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Iain Baxter& Works 1958-2011 Edited by David Moos
Essays by David Moos, Michael Darling, Alexander Alberro & others

4to. pp. 217. profusely illustrated. chronology. bibliography. index. wrs. Fredericton, N.B.:  Goose Lane Editions [in association with] Art Gallery of Ontario, 2011.
Published in conjunction with an international touring exhibition opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago in Nov. 2011, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto in March 2012.
ISBN-10: 0864926464 / ISBN-13: 9780864926463

Winner, Canadian Museums Association Outstanding Achievement in Publication and Melva J. Dwyer Award

IAINBAXTERr& has been challenging and expanding notions of art for more than fifty years. Inspired bu his creative credo Art Is All Over, he experimented with non-traditional materials and modes of production. In doing so, he pioneered new models of art making that collapsed boundaries between art, commerce and everyday life, often opening pathways for other artists to follow.

BAXTER& began producing art in the late-1950s under his birth name, Iain Baxter. N.E. Thing Co. was founded in 1967, with Baxter and his then-wife Ingrid serving as co-presidents. Under the guise of a corporation, N.E. Thing Co. produced a diverse arrray of projects that questioned the role of art both as a consumer commodity and as a medium for cultural commentary. Polaroid film and multimedia installations that blended painting and sculpture. He also pursued pedagogy as an extension of his creative ideals. In 2005, he legally changed his name to IAINBAXTER&, appending an ampersand to underscore his belief that art is contingent upon a collaborative connection with the viewer.  remain anonymous and masquerade in the guise of business people.

This comprehensive book surveys BAXTER&'s remarkable career and recognizes his defining contribution to mainstream histories of conceptual art, photography and installation art.  Featuring more than 200 reproductions,  it also offers a multifaceted aoorasuak of his achievement with feature essays by David Moos, Michael Darling, Dennis W. Durham, Christophe Domino, and Lucy R. Lippard, as well as interviews with IAINBZCTER& and Ingrid Baxter by Alexander Alberro.